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  • An Insight into fixed income investing

    04 July 2016

    James Gavin talks to Adrian Grey from Global Investor/ISF's Global Fixed Income Manager of the Year about his firm’s expansion strategy

  • Increasing compliance requirements drive tech uptake

    17 August 2016

    Predictive analytics is increasingly being used by asset managers to identify suspicious behaviour, finds Paul Golden

  • Macquarie sees value in empowering staff

    04 July 2016

    The CEO of Global Investor/ISF's Infrastructure Manager of the Year, Martin Stanley, speaks to Alastair O’Dell about the benefits of empowering everyone in a global team to take responsibility for their decisions

  • Sukuk set to surge

    15 August 2016

    The president of the Gulf Bond and Sukuk Association, Michael P Grifferty, says that we are only at the beginning of the boom in Islamic debt

  • Aramco IPO sparks exchange scramble

    15 August 2016

    Saudi Aramco’s proposed IPO is raising as many questions as answers, not least over which foreign bourse will host the overseas listing, writes James Gavin

  • Barclays "excited" about the future of wealth management

    04 July 2016

    Akshaya Bhargava from Global Investor/ISF's Wealth Manager of the Year talks to Andrew Maloney about the challenges, and opportunities, facing wealth management

  • Executive recrimination

    08 August 2016

    Pay for business leaders is back on the agenda, says Ceri Jones

  • The strategy of hedge fund selection

    04 July 2016

    Global Investor/ISF's Investment Consultant of the Year, Sussex Partners, discusses with Alastair O’Dell what the firm looks for in a hedge fund manager

  • Northern Trust sees a bright future for TTFs

    04 July 2016

    Toby Glaysher from Global Investor/ISF's European Fund Administrator of the Year talks to Alastair O’Dell about the rise of tax transparent funds

  • The grey revolution

    06 July 2016

    The UK pensions landscape is undergoing rapid change after two decades of decline for traditional defined benefit arrangements. Pádraig Floyd reports

  • Onwards and upwards

    05 July 2016

    The investment environment remains challenging but that has only spurred greater innovation in the asset management industry, writes Cherry Reynard

  • Fund favouritism

    30 June 2016

    In the last couple of years banks have regained asset management business from their independent competitors. Paul Golden investigates whether this should be cause for concern

  • Counting the cost

    29 June 2016

    Fund administration is entering a period of consolidation but specialised providers can still thrive in niche areas. Andrew Maloney reports

  • Doused with dollars

    29 June 2016

    Emerging markets remain vulnerable to changes in US monetary policy. But an improving outlook will ultimately lead to the renewed importance of fundamentals, finds Cherry Reynard

  • Currency conundrum

    29 June 2016

    Hedged ETFs are falling out of favour because currency markets have become too difficult to predict. Paul Golden reports

  • Hedge funds finding regulation tougher than asset growth

    29 June 2016

    Managing regulation cited as number one challenge by hedge funds

  • Lifting the lid on leverage

    29 June 2016

    Regulators are increasingly focused on calculating leverage within the hedge fund industry. But are they going about it in the correct way? Andrew Neil reports

  • Dublin roundtable

    28 June 2016

    The Irish funds industry has evolved to accommodate a wider range of products and managers. A group of experts discuss the impact of these changes and possible future regulatory developments

  • Missing links in the chain

    22 June 2016

    Blockchain has the potential to bring transparency, cost and security benefits to securities lending but it will take time to develop viable solutions. Andrew Neil reports

  • Fair shares

    22 June 2016

    Agent lenders have largely absorbed the increasing capital cost of running US securities lending programmes. The situation cannot continue indefinitely, finds Andrew Neil

  • EMIR not king

    22 June 2016

    Due to the hotchpotch fashion of its implementation EMIR has been bested by MiFID in internal budget battles, finds Ceri Jones

  • End of an era

    22 June 2016

    Opinion: The outgoing chief executive of ISLA, Kevin McNulty, reflects on seven eventful years for the industry during his tenure

  • Shifting to the centre

    22 June 2016

    Dave Simons reports on the continuing efforts to bring viable central-clearing solutions for US securities lending trades

  • SWIFT retribution

    16 June 2016

    Attacks on the SWIFT banking system are a reminder that people remain the weakest link in cyber security, says Luca Berni

  • T2S savings remain elusive

    16 June 2016

    Although Euroclear CSDs are on track to migrate to T2S at their rescheduled September date, the original aim of reducing settlement prices is farther away than ever. Ceri Jones reports

  • The robot revolution

    14 June 2016

    Asset management has been slow to adopt customer-facing fintech but we may be on the cusp of a breakthrough. By Simon Murray

  • Troubled times

    07 June 2016

    Electorates around the world are increasingly seeking radical solutions to political problems. Cherry Raynard investigates the impact on emerging markets

  • Family affairs

    14 June 2016

    Family offices are well catered for in terms of investment advice but there is a lack of strategic guidance, says Simon Murray

  • Maximising utility

    06 June 2016

    Fear of losing corporate customers disillusioned by negative experiences of KYC procedures has heightened interest among banks in the evolution of industry utilities. Paul Golden reports

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