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  • Beneficial owners should reconsider aims

    17 September 2014

    In the face of Basel III tightening margins, beneficial owners should think about what they want from a securities lending programme. Hannah Smithies reports from the IMN Beneficial Owners Conference

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  • Investors react to Tadawul opening

    05 September 2014

    Saudi Arabia’s long-awaited announcement that it will allow foreign investors to directly own listed shares has caused excitement in the markets. Paul Golden investigates

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  • BNP Paribas handles eDreams IPO

    09 September 2014

    BNP Paribas Securities Services handled the securities mechanisms of the eDreams initial public offering on the Spanish stock markets

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  • Middle East awards OPEN NOW

    04 August 2014

    Asset managers and investment services firms are invited to send in nominations until August 29