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EquiLend, Pirum and Loanet are put to the test

30 March 2009

In the second in the series of isf IT road test features, Ian Hall speaks to EquiLend, Pirum and Loanet about the post-trade and trading services they provide. Using actual user feedback, we ask the hard questions.

 "It all begins with the trade, and then we nurture and manage that trade. Transactions have a life. They live for a period of time," commented one of the providers.

This is what the providers in this feature are all about. Some are only involved in the latter part of the cycle, while the others are there from the beginning. But each share the same goal; to assist, simplify and where appropriate automate the IT processes that would otherwise be both time consuming and expensive for the industry participants.

Looking at the three IT providers in this article, it is not a straight forward comparison. Each of them offer different services and have varying structures. Some of the services are the same, while others have combined service offerings, such as trading and post-trade in the case of EquiLend.

In contrast, Pirum is only focused on post-trade services, while Loanet appears...