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25 years, 25 CEOs: Kevin Parker, global head, Deutsche Asset Management

14 January 2012

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Global Investor/ISF interviewed 25 CEOs. Market conditions may be challenging at present but Kevin Parker is confident that the dark days of 2008 are way behind the industry

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The globalisation of investment brings many benefits but also carries some new risks, principle among which is the interconnectedness of markets and investor behaviour around the world. Problems in one part of the world – for example Greece and Europe in general – now tend to have an immediate impact on investor behaviour in completely different parts of the world and different markets. For investment managers, this can produce sudden and unexpected market movements or asset flows. We have to be increasingly alert to the possibility of these effects, and flexible in the way we manage them.

In terms of the macroeconomic environment there clearly continues to be a risk that the global economy, and particularly the US and European economies, will weaken again or at least fail to grow at an...