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Analysis: transition management survey

07 April 2014

Alastair O'Dell analyses the responses in the Global Investor/ISF transition management survey 2014 [Subscriber-only]

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Pension funds made up the largest contingent of the survey respondents, at 44%. After this were traditional asset managers, accounting for 24.2% followed by insurance funds, corporations and hedge funds. The size of such entities was typically large, with 59.3% of respondents representing an organisation larger than $10bn.

The next largest group was $1bn-$3bn, accounting for 16.5%, followed by $5bn-$10bn, accounting for 14.29%. The remainder was split between the $0-$1bn and $3bn-$5bn groups.

Respondents were asked the reason, or reasons, for seeking a transition. The most commonly selected factor for seeking a transition was manager change or performance, cited by 70% of respondents. This was followed by a change in asset allocation, by 44% of respondents, and the related reason of rebalancing a portfolio by 39.6%. Structural change was cited by 35.2%, a change in benchmark,...