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Synthetic Finance Survey results

01 August 2014

Bank of America Merrill Lynch once again topped the Global Investor/ISF Synthetic Finance Survey

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Baml) is, beyond any doubt, the standout performer in the 2014 survey. Overall. It won according to each of the methodologies – unweighted, weighted by book & response and weighted by importance (see methodology below). It also won by each of the three methodologies in all of the three regions, Emea, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

When only hedge fund respondents’ scores were taken into consideration, Baml again topped the overall table for weighted by book and response but came second unweighted and third for weighted by importance. In Emea it won in unweighted and in Asia Pacific it won weighted by book & response.

Baml again rose to the top of the pile when only institutional investor responses were taken into consideration – winning according to each of the three methodologies.

Baml also unsurprisingly was the standout performer across the category tables. It won...