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Gulf states support Jordan and Oman

11 August 2014

The Gulf states that are in a position to help are providing meaningful support to Jordan and Oman, finds James Gavin

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Jordan and Oman may be neighbours of Saudi Arabia – often referred to as the world’s central bank of oil – but neither country boasts anything like its hydrocarbon reserves, nor its financial prowess.

Jordan’s economy has come under significant strain in the past few months, with the Syria crisis and influx of refugees straining existing resources, and the end of Egyptian gas supplies two years ago has forced the Hashemite Kingdom to spend more on imports.

The Sultanate of Oman looks in better financial shape. Even so, three years ago the normally sedate Gulf state was buffeted by a spate of street protests and industrial unrest that revealed that the sixmember Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was not immune to the Arab Spring.
Quartet support

These stresses to two critical Middle Eastern economies prompted the wealthy quartet of Gulf states, comprising Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and...