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Lounarda David, Sunsuper, interview

14 August 2014

Sunsuper pulled out of securities lending when it ended its custodial relationship with NAB in 2012. Now a new custodian is in place, Stephanie Baxter spoke to head of investment operations Lounarda David ahead of selecting an agent lender

Lounarda David joined Sunsuper in April 2014 to lead Sunsuper’s investment operations, responsible for administration, implementation and investment monitoring.

She has was worked for more than 30 years in superannuation, investment and financial services including 16 years as a consultant for domestic and global superannuation funds and financial institutions on all facets of custody, investment operations, implementation, unit pricing, securities lending, transition management, operating models, operational due diligence reviews and risk management.

Before joining Sunsuper, David spent two years as an independent consultant and 14 years at Mercer Investment Consulting where she established Mercer Sentinel Asia Pacific and was the senior member of the Mercer Sentinel Global Team.

Before this, she worked at State Street for 12 years and spent two years working in an accounting and legal firm. She is a regular speaker at industry forums, including the Global Investor/ISF Australia Master Class on July 9 (see page...