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  • Securities lending models under pressure 29 August 2014

    Traditional securities lending business models are under pressure from multiple major regulations coming into effect. Ceri Jones investigates

  • Scottish yes vote would 'cause turmoil' 27 August 2014

    Rowan Dartington Signature’s managing director predicts weakness in sterling and damage to companies based in Scotland if the region gains independence

  • Emir continues to pose challenge for fund managers 14 August 2014

    The panel of practitioners discussed the progress made to comply with Emir and the AIFM directive and how commercial strategies have been impacted

  • Funds embrace Target2-Securities 14 August 2014

    The panel of leading practitioners discussed how the combination of regulatory developments are impacting clearing and settlement for the buy-side and sell-side


  • Andrew McCaffery, Aberdeen, interview 01 September 2014

    Andrew McCaffery is convinced that the traditionally long-only asset manager will attract a market-mirroring amount of alternative investment, discovers Paul Golden

  • Ashmore launches China-focused funds 29 August 2014

    First non-Chinese firm to offer access to the Chinese domestic market

  • Rise of the Anatolian Tigers 27 August 2014

    A group of small family businesses centres have become major international players that now present an opportunity for investors, finds Nicholas Clayton

  • Turkish devaluation to fuel growth 27 August 2014

    The devaluation of the lira has not yet produced a major benefit to the economy but the effect appears only to have been delayed by a few months, finds Nicholas Clayton

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