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  • Offshore allure 05 May 2016

    Despite initiatives aimed at encouraging funds to re-domicile, many managers remain reluctant to abandon offshore jurisdictions in favour of Ireland, Luxembourg or the UK. Paul Golden reports


  • Asian high yield hiatus 05 May 2016

    Issuance of high yield dollar-denominated bonds in Asia has been hit hard by rising risk-aversion and rapidly changing monetary policy, finds Ceri Jones

  • Investors demand AM apps 05 May 2016

    Asset managers seldom provide investment apps, but high net worth individuals are starting to demand that they join the smartphone world, finds Paul Golden

  • Pimco calls turning point for EM equities 04 May 2016

    Firm claims there is too much bearishness towards emerging market equities

  • Saudi CMA to ease QFI access 03 May 2016

    Plans approved for reduction in foreign ownership restrictions

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