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  • ETFs to evolve into major part of European sec lending 23 February 2015

    ETF units are rarely lent in Europe. Hannah Smithies investigates whether ETF providers’ renewed efforts and the approach of Mifid II mean that volume is about to take off

  • Beneficial owners survey results 13 February 2015

    No agent lender had a dominant position in the eyes of beneficial owners around the world, with each provider excelling only among certain client types and regions. Analysis by Alastair O’Dell

  • Exclusive: Copin to join Caceis 13 February 2015

    Dan Copin has resigned from his position at Natixis and will be joining Caceis during May

  • Exclusive: Matasaru leaves Commerzbank 12 February 2015

    Ligia Matasaru has left Commerzbank Markets in New York, Global Investor/ISF can confirm

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