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Transition Management

  • Citi: Targeting transparency 01 October 2014

    Steve Dalzell, global head of transition management at Citigroup Global Markets, discusses, with a client and consultant, how increased regulatory scrutiny has increased transparency and benefited clients

  • Transition managers bounce back 20 September 2014

    Transition managers are spending more time reassuring clients but the industry is recovering from charging scandals. Paul Golden reports

Securities lending

  • Nordic lending roundtable 28 November 2014

    Securities lending is expanding in the Nordics, albeit modestly and limited to certain sectors, but the issue of how the costs associated with new regulations will be spread between participants hangs over the market, according to a panel of experts

  • Nordic securities lending update 28 November 2014

    A panel of experts discusses how has M&A and a slew of regulation affected the health of the securities lending market in the Nordic region

  • Regulatory differences impact Nordic markets 28 November 2014

    A panel of experts discusses how the legal differences in Nordic markets make an impact

  • Exclusive: Knepper leaves Caceis 28 November 2014

    Caceis' head of securities lending has left the company

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