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Year: 2015
  • October

    Middle East roundtable 20 October 2015

    Liberalisation of the Saudi stock exchange was the big regional event of 2015. And the next big thing will be Saudi’s accession to the MSCI EM Index. But while Saudi grabs the investment headlines, there has also been significant change across the whole Middle East – creating some surprising investment opportunities and markets. James Gavin discusses the Saudi ripple effect, best practice, new products, asset sectors and markets, with some of the leading names across the Middle East investment spectrum

  • September

    Accounting the cost 29 September 2015

    With the OTC market facing the biggest set of regulatory changes in its history – from EMIR to the broader banking sector Basel 3 regulations – the fear is that the cost of total compliance could force a number of banking and clearing providers out of the market over the next three to four years. Simon Murray discusses the regulatory ripple effect with experts from all sectors of the European derivatives market

  • De-Lux modelling 28 September 2015

    De-Lux modelling Luxembourg is small – and to survive it has had to innovate. That continues in its asset management business which is rolling out the red carpet to new Ucits products and new clients that are shaping the future distribution and technological landscape

  • June

    European collateral roundtable 17 June 2015

    The industry needs collateral solutions that work across different business lines, while buy-side firms are waiting to see the impact of regulations

  • May

    UK Beneficial owners roundtable 08 May 2015

    A mixed picture for equity specials and the increasing demand for high-quality liquid assets is ushering in a new age for fixed income lending

  • Chinese capital markets roundtable 08 May 2015

    Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect has provided an exciting new access route to mainland Chinese equities. An expert panel discusses the long-term implications for market access

  • March

    US Beneficial owners roundtable 04 March 2015

    Led by healthy demand for equity specials, the US lending market accelerated through the course of last year. Asset managers and agent lenders discuss the prospects for 2015 with Global Investor/ISF