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Eastern Europe

  • Russia sanctions affect sentiment 27 August 2014

    MNI Russia Business Indicator declines 3.1 points

  • Emir continues to pose challenge for fund managers 14 August 2014

    The panel of practitioners discussed the progress made to comply with Emir and the AIFM directive and how commercial strategies have been impacted

  • European clearing and settlement roundtable 14 August 2014

    Regulatory compliance, efficient collateral management and Target2-Securities are the main preoccupations of both the buy and sell side, according to a panel of leading practitioners

  • Focus on collateral management 14 August 2014

    The increasing focus on collateral management and the shift to central clearing of OTC derivatives is shaping the market, according to participants of European clearing and settlement roundtable


Latin America

North America


  • Global regulators act on OTC derivatives 17 September 2014

    While Dodd-Frank and Emir are leading global regulatory efforts, regulators everywhere are constructing new rules and seeking to manage extraterritorial effects. Paul Golden investigates

  • Rise of the Anatolian Tigers 27 August 2014

    A group of small family businesses centres have become major international players that now present an opportunity for investors, finds Nicholas Clayton

  • State Street ICI falls 4.6 points 12 August 2014

    Fall driven by deterioration of sentiment towards North America and Asia

  • Middle East awards OPEN NOW 04 August 2014

    Asset managers and investment services firms are invited to send in nominations until August 29

Middle East