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New Taiwan DR rules could spark investment 06 Nov 2014
Taiwan's new rules around depositary receipts (DR) could open the door to increased foreign investment, says BNY Mellon Taiwan's Financial ...
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JPMorgan re-launches 09 Jul 2014
... The bank the revamped portal would better serve depositary receipts (DR) market participants by providing the tools to monitor DR trading activity. ...
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Bank of England makes senior appointments 19 Mar 2014
... agreed, on the recommendation of the chancellor and prime minister, to appoint Anthony Habgood as the chairman of Court and Dr Ben Broadbent ...
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Russia's DR market set to grow 17 Dec 2013
... CEO of BNY Mellon's DR business Christopher Kearns called the move "revolutionary" for the capital markets as this is the first time a DR will trade ...
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Exclusive: GDRs in alleged fraud 05 Jun 2014
... "If we in South Africa were approached with a DR to be offered to the public, a security to be offered in our backyard, we would be very interested to ...
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BNY Mellon hires global client mgmt head 06 Mar 2014
... Neil Atkinson takes over Roath's former position of Asia-Pacific head of depositary receipts (DR). Atkinson joins BNY Mellon's ...
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BNY Mellon wins GDR mandate 26 Jun 2014
... deal will provide a template for other Georgian companies that want to raise capital," said Christopher Kearns, CEO of BNY Mellon's DR business. ...
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Change in outlook signalled at EC 18 Sep 2014
... to ensure that smaller firms are properly represented in the European body politic, which is why we so welcome the dialogue with Dr Lueder," said ...
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bfinance hires director from USS 19 Mar 2014
... Prior to joining USS, Porter-Lynch was an investment director at Key Asset Management, where she worked closely with Dr Chris Jones and Dr ...
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Study highlights value of risk management 18 Feb 2014
... process in the future, according to a new study published by BNY Mellon in collaboration with Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr Harry Markowitz. ...
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