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ECB's Mersch calls for creation of SME ABSs 10 Apr 2014
The European Central Bank (ECB) wants to stimulate the high-quality small and medium enterprise (SME) securitisation market in Europe in order ...
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Strong demand for European equities 11 Jun 2014
... "While it's hard to link the recent appetite for European assets to the central bank [ECB], last year's strong easy money rally in North America drew ...
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T2S preparations get underway 04 Jun 2014
... "The European Central Bank (ECB) maintains that all plans are on schedule, but there are rumours that the T2S system itself may not be ready in ...
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ECB concerned about Basel III and FTT 04 Sep 2013
... funding, according to Cornelia Holthausen, principal advisor within the directorate general market operations at the European Central Bank (ECB). ...
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ECB approves LuxCSD 08 Mar 2013
... from European Central Bank for its securities settlement system (SSS) to be eligible for use in Eurosystem credit operations. ECB has conducted an ...
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ECB's Coeure becomes CPSS chairman 09 Sep 2013
Coeure is a member of the executive board of the European Central Bank. ... this position." Coeure has been a member of the ECB's executive board ...
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ECB to speak at German sec finance summit 13 Aug 2013
The European Central Bank's (ECB) Cornelia Holthausen will speak at the Global Investor/ISF German Securities Finance Summit II. ...
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Sharon Bowles, European Parliament, interview 25 Nov 2013
... monetary policy to draw parallels with an emerging European Central Bank structure. ... the European Banking Authority and making the ECB into the ...
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Singh: Central banks hold key to collateral 30 Jan 2013
Manmohan Singh, senior economist at the IMF, has hailed the ECB's policy of taking in low quality collateral as a part of the solution to the ...
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ECB: CCP repo should not be forced by regulators 17 Jan 2013
... should be driven by the market and not by regulators, according to Benoit Coeure, executive board member at the European Central Bank (ECB). ...
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