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Trayport partners REGIS-TR for REMIT 11 Jun 2015
... "We already have successful connectivity with REGIS-TR for Emir and we are delighted to extend this for REMIT reporting," said Paul Rennison ...
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Effects of T+2 and Emir 28 Nov 2014
... Chair: Are there also challenges stemming from Emir? Modigh: Emir is creating quite a challenge around eligible collateral for fund managers. ...
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Pension funds struggle with Emir deadline 12 Sep 2014
... extend their exemption from centrally clearing over the counter (OTC) derivatives under European Markets and Infrastructure Regulation (Emir) to ...
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Smaller firms feel strain under Emir 12 Sep 2014
Preparation for the new regime for clearing OTC trades under European Market Infrastructure Regulation (Emir) is putting enormous pressure on ...
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Emir continues to pose challenge for fund managers 14 Aug 2014
... Hugo Cox, chairman. Chair: To what extent will firms delegate trade reporting under Emir? Nabi: It is about what turnkey solution providers can offer. ...
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Global regulators act on OTC derivatives 17 Sep 2014
... "While jurisdictions in Asia and to a lesser extent in the Middle East and Africa spent significant time mapping Dodd-Frank and Emir against local ...
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Deloitte and Recommind offer OTC derivatives service 25 Jun 2015
... Regulations such as Dodd-Frank, Emir and Basel III require investment banks to have a much more granular view of their data. ...
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Emir to drive collateral demand 08 May 2014
... interesting. Matthew Chessum: The Emir regulations kick in from Q3 this year so I would not expect to see a spike until then. ...
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Eurex Clearing gets Emir approval 11 Apr 2014
Eurex Clearing is the fourth central counterparty (CCP) to receive approval under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (Emir). ...
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KDPW is third CCP to get Emir stamp 10 Apr 2014
Polish central counterparty KDPW_CCP is the third clearinghouse to be authorised under the new European Market Infrastructure Regulation (Emir ...
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