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ICAV Bill signed into Irish law 10 Mar 2015
... of establishing and maintaining collective investment schemes ... step in strengthening Ireland's standing as a ... established range of Irish fund vehicles ...
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100 ICAV funds to be launched 31 Jul 2014
Up to 100 new funds are due to be launched in Ireland under the new Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) Bill, which the Irish ...
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De-Lux modelling 28 Sep 2015
... Luxembourg and Ireland has around 50 ... including the alternative asset management industry ... for example, the ASEAN Collective Investment Scheme ...
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Ireland announces industry initiatives 18 Jun 2014
... General Scheme of the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (Icav) Bill ... open up the Irish investment fund ... managers who use Ireland and in ...
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Asset Management: news round-up 24 Mar 2009
... providing mutual and collective fund companies ... Common Contractual Fund in Ireland; the Fonds ... In a statement, Jupiter Asset Management said it ...
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Evergreen Dublin goes for growth 01 Jun 2008
... 803 million of assets in collective investment schemes ... Another card up the Irish authorities' sleeve ... security environment in Northern Ireland, part of ...
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Jurisdictions rush to defend their livelihoods 01 Aug 2009
... and tax havens are facing, Ireland's future as a ... Palmer, chief executive of the Irish Funds Industry ... covers any non-Ucits collective investment fund ...
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2 MINUTE MONTH -- August 01 Aug 2007
... services from its operations in Ireland. ... capacity for European collective investment schemes and ... Investec Asset Management will manage the Fund ...
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The 2-minute month 01 Jul 2007
... capacity for European collective investment schemes and ... Investec Asset Management will manage the ... Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, the ...
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People news 01 Sep 2006
... it to start various collective investment vehicles such as long-only unit trusts and offshore funds. Bank of Ireland Asset Management (BIAM) recently ...
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