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Markit sheds light on 'short squeeze' phenomenon 15 May 2015
To ease these concerns, Markit has explored the factors that make stocks susceptible to squeeze to help investors identify likely candidates. ...
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Chinese ETFs lose their appeal says Markit 15 May 2015
In a new report, Markit analyst Relte Stephen Schutte observes that in the wake of dollar strength and slowing economic growth, investors continue ...
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Non-cash collateral on the rise in US 05 May 2015
Using non-cash collateral to borrow US equities has become increasingly prevalent and now stands at an all-time high, according to Markit. ...
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Brad Hunt leaves Markit 05 Jan 2015
Brad Hunt will leave Markit to pursue other interests, relocating from Singapore to London in order to join his family, according to the firm. ...
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FactSet partners Markit to provide ETF data 20 Jan 2015
Markit's set of exchange traded funds (ETF) data and analytics is newly available to users of the FactSet workstation. Through ...
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David Carruthers leaves Markit 20 Nov 2014
David Carruthers, managing director, co-head Europe at Markit, is to leave the firm at the end of the year. Carruthers will ...
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Pirum partners with Markit 15 Sep 2014
Markit has partnered with Pirum, a post-trade securities finance technology provider. The partnership aims to enhance ...
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Markit to comply with Iosco Principles 14 Jul 2014
Markit has confirmed it will administer its benchmarks in compliance with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (Iosco) final ...
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Esma's data underrepresents shorting activity 31 Oct 2014
... bn, double the amount currently disclosed under the European Securities and Markets Authority's (Esma) regulation 236/2012, according to Markit. ...
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Muni bonds lose favour 30 Oct 2014
The amount of loans collateralised by municipal bonds in the Markit US dollar tri-party repo dataset has fallen by 20% since the start of the year. ...
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