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Asset Manager Oman: Bank Muscat 03 Nov 2015
... in 1994, the division has the longest track record in managing funds in the GCC region and remains the biggest wealth manager in Oman. ...
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Broker Oman: EFG Hermes 03 Nov 2015
EFG Hermes Oman combines excellent research with investor engagement reporting rising market share. EFG Hermes ...
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Photos of the Middle East Awards winners 02 Nov 2015
... Asset manager Lebanon: Blominvest. Asset manager Oman: Bank Muscat. ... Asset manager Kuwait: NBK Capital. Broker Oman: EFG Hermes. ...
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Sub-custody guide: Oman 25 Feb 2015
Oman's Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has embarked on a journey to reform and develop its capital markets. Its mission ...
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Middle East Awards 2015: Winners announced 02 Nov 2015
... Asset Management Awards: Asset Manager Oman: Bank Muscat. ... Broker Awards: Broker Oman: EFG Hermes. Broker Jordan: AB Invest. ...
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Gulf states support Jordan and Oman 11 Aug 2014
The Gulf states that are in a position to help are providing meaningful support to Jordan and Oman, finds James Gavin. ...
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Sub-custody: Oman 06 Feb 2014
One of the exchange's key objectives for 2013 was to encourage family businesses in Oman to join the securities industry by listing on the Muscat ...
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Equities Manager Qatar: Al Rayan Investment 03 Nov 2015
... Under Akber Khan, the firm's head of Asset Management, research teams in Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have expanded, solidifying ...
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Broker Kuwait: EFG Hermes 03 Nov 2015
... Mirroring its operations in Oman, the firm recognises that a lack of market familiarity deters some foreign investors, and so organises investor trips to ...
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Middle East roundtable 20 Oct 2015
... And everybody will benefit from the effect of spillover – whether it's the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait or Oman. Gunsel Topbas: It comes at just the right time. ...
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