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63% of investors expect ECB QE next quarter 16 Dec 2014
... "The prospect of ECB QE has brought growing consensus on European equities, but the weakening business cycle and falling commodity prices ...
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QE research identifies shift to corporate bonds 16 Sep 2014
The policy of Quantitative Easing (QE) led institutional investors to shift their portfolios away from government gilts towards corporate bonds ...
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Price of gold unlikely to rebound 03 Jun 2014
... despite speculation last year, fuelled by the Federal Reserve itself, that the US would soon start to taper its quantitative easing (QE) programme. ...
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Updating economic theory 18 Jun 2015
... Today, as regulatory change and quantitative easing (QE) stir up more uncharted waters and unintended consequences, economists and ...
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QE impact hits insurers' investment strategies 26 Sep 2013
The low yield environment of quantitative easing (QE) and uncertainty over the Federal Reserve's tapering activities has hit insurers' abilities to ...
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Investors continue to concentrate on QE exit 21 Aug 2013
... European fixed income investor survey found that while overall, investors trusted central banks to be able to manage a smooth exit to QE, with 73 ...
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Newton rejects claims of economic recovery 07 May 2014
... Stewart was particularly wary about the effect of quantitative easing (QE), explaining that it was likely to create distortions throughout the economy. ...
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Fed to continue QE asset purchases 01 Aug 2013
The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has committed to continue buying assets through quantitative easing (QE) and maintain its current monetary policy ...
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Analysis: Fed's RRP and collateral velocity 06 Jun 2014
Unwinding quantitative easing (QE) was never going to be painless. But one of the US Federal Reserve's (Fed's) new tools ...
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Slow growth may not be enough to stop QE 11 Mar 2013
... the door to a recovery, which should be positive for risk assets – including periphery bonds – and negative for safe bonds." QE questions However ...
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