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Short sellers eye up Tesco 25 Jul 2014
... will continue to add to their positions to take the firm's short interest to a new three year high remains to be seen," said Simon Colvin, analyst at ...
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Short sellers return to S&P 500 25 Jun 2014
... Conversely, last year's strong rally in the first six months saw shorts steadily close out their positions," said Simon Colvin, analyst at Markit. ...
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Investors return to risk, says Markit 02 Apr 2014
... have a renewed appetite for risk having returned to the trades favoured during the bull run of 2013, explains Markit research analyst Simon Colvin. ...
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Strong demand for European equities 11 Jun 2014
... "The 61 North American listed European funds have experienced nearly two thirds of the total inflows," said Simon Colvin, analyst at Markit. ...
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Short sellers profit from IPOs, says Markit 24 Apr 2014
Markit analyst Simon Colvin observed that 2013 was the most active year for initial public offerings (IPOs) since 2000, with 222 companies going ...
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Crimea crisis: analysts warn about sanctions 19 Mar 2014
... Russia and the West have overwhelming incentives to compromise, but only after a suitably public row." Simon Colvin, research analyst Markit ...
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Canadian securities lending is thriving 06 May 2014
... and is a good source of market neutral revenue for beneficial owners such as pension funds," says Markit Securities Finance analyst Simon Colvin. ...
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European specials suffer fee drop 03 Oct 2013
The lack of demand has in turn pushed down fees since the start of the year, according to Simon Colvin, analyst at Markit Securities Finance. ...
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