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Investors drawn to UAE by local opportunities 29 Oct 2014
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has received the greatest share inflows of private capital into the GCC region over the past year, driven by ...
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Dubai proves resiliant post Arabtec plunge 05 Sep 2014
... Since June this year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been reclassified as part of index provider MSCI's emerging market (EM) group of indices ...
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Middle East roundtable 19 Sep 2014
... ADS Securities • Nigel Sillitoe, CEO, Insight Discovery Chair: What happened to equity valuations and inflows following the entry of UAE and Qatar ...
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BNY Mellon shakes up Mena leadership 17 Nov 2014
BNY Mellon has announced key changes to its leadership team in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and wider Middle East & Africa region. ...
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SEI warns UAE sponsors 03 Feb 2014
UAE nationals who sponsor international companies trading in the UAE need to be aware of the employee benefit obligations of their sponsored ...
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Sub-custody: UAE 07 Feb 2014
The MSCI's reclassification of the UAE from frontier to emerging market status was the most significant development of 2013, effective May 2014 ...
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Investors react to Tadawul opening 05 Sep 2014
... was always more of a timing issue than any lack of intent, although he feels that MSCI's recent decision to upgrade Qatar and the UAE to emerging ...
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UAE fund fees threaten local funds 15 Jan 2014
The UAE's new fund distribution fee regime was designed to push out substandard funds. But, as James Gavin finds out ...
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Reclassifications to shift frontier index 21 May 2014
... Frontier Markets Index to increase exposure to other froNtier markets including Africa as a result of the upgrading of Qatar and UAE, according to ...
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Long-term investors return to Middle East 16 May 2014
... the trend towards higher foreign ownership a "very healthy" one and said it was partly down to the decision by MSCI to upgrade the UAE and Qatar ...
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