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Turkish devaluation to fuel growth 27 Aug 2014
The devaluation of the lira has not yet produced a major benefit to the economy but the effect appears only to have been delayed by a few months, finds ...
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HSBC: The march of the new 13 May 2015
... Das: In India, the rupee has been appreciating, after a long period of devaluation, which is helping to create a sustained surge of investment in the ...
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Mena frontier markets could offer opportunities 24 Feb 2015
... momentum in this sector. It will also benefit from the current devaluation of the currency," says Mokhtar. "On the banking ...
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Turkey Special Report 29 Jul 2014
... ly/ZaIUDB Infrastructure in Turkey booms: Turkey agressively builds healthcare: Turkish devaluation to fuel ...
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Price of gold unlikely to rebound 03 Jun 2014
... their currencies. In a world of competitive devaluations – the so-called currency wars – gold is an attractive investment. The ...
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Middle East roundtable 10 Oct 2013
... managers should allocate more of their portfolios to the region because current account deficits, fiscal deficits and currency devaluation–all the ...
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SEI warns on weak global recovery 19 Jul 2013
... It argued that the internal devaluation in peripheral countries was having some effect on improving competitiveness, but there was still a long way to ...
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Egyptian growth hit by external funding woes 11 Mar 2013
... 2011. "So far this year the market has held up well against the backdrop of the 10% devaluation of the Egyptian pound. ...
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Lebanon's financial system resilient to conflict 12 Mar 2013
... "Because of the devaluation of the Syrian currency, most have registered profits, but lending activity is almost nonexistent and many Syrian ...
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Big debate: quantitative easing 11 Apr 2012
... If its purpose is to boost exports through the competitive devaluation the US Fed has been accused of, then the practice is particularly reprehensible ...
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