French central bank links with Euroclear for sec lending

French central bank links with Euroclear for sec lending

France's central bank has made sovereign and government bonds available for securities lending through post-trade giant Euroclear.

Debt instruments purchased by Banque de France, which form part of ECB president Mario Draghi's quantitative easing measures, will be available for lending purposes through Euroclear's GC Access facility.

The platform helps firms lend or borrow baskets of high-quality securities which can be used as collateral, a type of insurance in the event of a default. 

It marks the first time Banque de France has appointed an agent to provide the service, which up until now had taken place through bilateral (two-way) loans to market participants.

The move comes as Draghi and the Eurozone move ahead with an unprecedented bond-buying programme to fight off deflation.

Until at least March 2017, €60bn worth of securities will be bought monthly in the secondary market by national central banks, including Banque de France, and the ECB.

Banque de France's deal with Euroclear falls under the public sector purchase programme covering sovereign, agency and supranational debt.

The ECB is also running a private sector bond buying programme.

When combined, the central bank's public and private monthly purchases amount to €60bn. 

This type of money-printing, known as quantitative easing, first aims to improve financial conditions, making access to finance cheaper for firms and households.

In turn, investment and consumption should pick up; ultimately leading to a return of inflation rates towards the ECB's desired 2% target. 

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