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Securities finance an alpha generator - Goobie

Robert Goobie from the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan spoke at Isla's annual...

China could hold $100bn opportunity for brokers - UBS

Additional revenue from market making, derivatives, prime brokerage could be...

ECB’s bond-buying halt to impact repo markets

BondLend's Tim Keenan expects the ECB's move will impact European repo markets...

Pension pools to boost alternative administrators – HSBC

Pooled pension schemes need to maximise value through securities lending...

Deutsche Bank to cut leverage exposure by €50 billion

Balance sheet-intensive prime brokerage arm, which caters to hedge funds, will...

Strongest Q1 for sec lending since 2008 - IHS Markit

Global securities lending revenue had the best first quarter since 2008...


Month in Cash: Trump challenges Fed's independence

By Deborah Cunningham, Chief Investment Officer Global Money Markets, Senior...

Quarter-end is finally over

By repo market veteran Jeff Kidwell

Building blocks for an agency lending business

Frank Gambino, a securities finance specialist, considers the key elements...

Addressing the issues in securities finance

By Fran Garritt and Paul Guinan from the Risk Management Association (RMA)

Alternative asset-based fund financing transactions

Experts at law firm Kramer Levin say bespoke financing arrangements have become...

Margin lending - the missing component to stable cryptocurrency liquidity?

Michael Huertas, partner at Dentons, considers whether margin lending, coupled...


Fixed income lending survey 2018 now open

2018 Global Investor/ISF Fixed Income Lending Survey will go live on July 5

Equity lending survey 2018 now open

The 2018 Equity Lending Survey will go live from July 5

Tougher derivatives rules see firms turn to tri-party

Tri-party agents have been at home in the repo and securities lending markets...

Alternative routes to the sec finance market

Paul Golden speaks to industry experts on the prospects for peer-to-peer...

Sharegain seeks to simplify sec lending

Sharegain's Boaz Yaari and Liad Amit discuss the securities lending market and...


Collateral in 2017

Challenges and solutions for the buyside.

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Thought Leaders

BNP Paribas' Mike Saunders on sec lending, collateral

An interview with Michael Saunders, head of investments & trading, securities...

Sustained investment - Wells Fargo Prime Services

Rob Sackett, head of securities lending at Wells Fargo Prime Services, speaks to...

Inventory mobility can deliver funding flexibility

Global Collateral’s IMS helps major banks and brokers take a further step toward...

Wematch: Shining a light on collateral and securities financing

Wematch discusses regulatory tailwinds, building liquidity and supporting banks...

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