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Sec lending has eased repo market scarcity - Deutsche Bundesbank

Securities lending has been effective in countering scarcity of bonds in the...

Clock ticking for banks on fintech disruption – Morgan Stanley

Banks in the driver's seat for now thanks to networks and cheap funding but need...

Repo market hit hard in crisis - Bernanke, 10 years on

In a new paper, former Fed chairman looks at the factors behind the financial...

Life after QE will be different for sec lending - Isla

Movement of HQLA assets within securities lending programs will become...

ECB set to confirm QE phase-out despite Brexit, trade tensions

On September 13, the ECB will decide what to do with its QE program after this...

Funds demanding data services from custodians – RBC

A poll by RBC in Australia shows data and analytics are priority investments for...


Factors driving the market sell-off

By Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist, RBC Global Asset Management

Preview: RMA's 2018 Conference on Securities Lending

The Risk Management Association (RMA) will hold its 2018 Conference on...

Month in Cash: Trump challenges Fed's independence

By Deborah Cunningham, Chief Investment Officer Global Money Markets, Senior...

Quarter-end is finally over

By repo market veteran Jeff Kidwell

Building blocks for an agency lending business

Frank Gambino, a securities finance specialist, considers the key elements...

Addressing the issues in securities finance

By Fran Garritt and Paul Guinan from the Risk Management Association (RMA)


MENA Securities Finance - international perspectives

Significant regulatory and infrastructural constraints continue to hold markets...

Tougher derivatives rules see firms turn to tri-party

Tri-party agents have been at home in the repo and securities lending markets...

Alternative routes to the sec finance market

Paul Golden speaks to industry experts on the prospects for peer-to-peer...

Sharegain seeks to simplify sec lending

Sharegain's Boaz Yaari and Liad Amit discuss the securities lending market and...

Roundtable: UK securities lending

Market participants met in London to discuss attitudes towards securities...


Collateral in 2019

Building today for tomorrow's market

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Thought Leaders

IHS Markit: Securities Finance Outlook

Kabin George, director, securities finance product management at IHS Markit...

HSBC: Step change in Saudi Arabia

Osman Raie, Managing Director and Senior Advisor - Saudi Equities

JP Morgan: Securities lending growth across the Middle East and North Africa

By Dan Rudd, executive director, JP Morgan

Efficiency Gains: Wells Fargo Securities

Rob Sackett, head of Securities Lending at Wells Fargo Securities, explains how...

BNY Mellon Markets: Harnessing change

An interview with Robert Chiuch, Global Head of Equity and Fixed Income...

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