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Beneficial owners survey analysis

17 January 2014

State Street dominated the weighted tables – under a new, heavily revised methodology – while Goldman Sachs Agency Lending achieved the highest average raw data score. Analysis by Alastair O’Dell

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State Street dominated the new style weighted tables – achieving a winning position globally and in every region. It won in the Americas by a wide 0.51 margin, Asia Pacific by 0.34 and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Emea) by 0.26. Overall its average of 7.12 was 0.47 above its nearest competitor.

State Street was in a good position to do well in the weighted tables, where the importance that respondents attach to service categories, the size of the respondent’s lendable portfolio and regional variations in voting behaviour are taken into consideration.

But State Street’s raw data scores were impressive. It not only won in Asia Pacific, admittedly in a reduced field, but was just 0.04 away from the winning score in Emea and 0.2 in the Americas. Overall it missed out on a winning raw data (previously called unweighted) score by only 0.14....